About the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL)

CITL provides a range of enrollment services to students interested in taking online courses for college credit. It is not a requirement to be formally admitted to a degree program to take credit courses at Illinois. For many students, working through CITL offers opportunity to explore programs prior to making a full commitment to a degree program. Also, it’s a great opportunity to establish academic history for students interested in pursuing admittance to a degree program. CITL also supports self-paced NetMath courses, community credit courses and non-credit courses.

CITL also serves:

  • High school students interested in pursuing online math programs
  • High school math teachers wanting to keep current on math skills
  • Undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled at another university who want to take an online course.
  • Prospective transfer students not yet admitted into a degree program
  • Working professionals who want or need professional development or certification
  • Anyone interested in earning an undergraduate or graduate certificate
  • Anyone interested in taking a class for fun
  • Corporations, school districts or agencies interested in a custom cohort program for online or off-site courses or degree programs