It is important that you order your textbooks so that you have them on the first day of class. Many courses require textbook readings during the first or second week of class, so please be sure to order them in time!

Ordering textbooks

To order textbooks or materials, use the "Buy Textbooks" tool on the Illini Union Bookstore website.  

Other Textbook Ordering and Purchasing Options

You may wish to purchase books or course materials from other retailers. Please be sure to match the ISBN listed in the Illini Union Bookstore to ensure you are buying the correct materials. Electronic books may have a different ISBN than a printed version. In these instances, check the title, author(s), and edition to ensure they match.

  • Not all courses have textbooks, and some courses require other ordering methods (Amazon.com, Association publication pieces, etc.). Please contact your instructor if you are unsure about ordering.



For more information on how to order your textbook, contact your course instructor or email us.