Self-Paced Students

Self-Paced Courses


Before you register for your On-Demand (self-paced) course, you must be aware of all the policies associated with your enrollment. Remember, you are responsible for all costs involved once your registration is complete.

  • Enrollment in self-paced and semester-based courses is open to both degree-seeking and nondegree students.
  • You may enroll in self-paced courses at any time during the year. ALL students, both degree-seeking and nondegree seeking, must enroll through our office for self-paced courses.
  • However, if you are a degree-seeking student at the University of Illinois, you will not be "officially" enrolled in a self-paced course section until college dean’s approval is received in our office.
  • Students only enrolling in course sections through the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning do not have the option to opt-in for University Student Health Insurance.

NetMath™ Self-paced Courses

  • NetMath™ courses are considered self-paced courses, but have some different policies that apply to them. Please make sure to visit the NetMath™ website and read policy information before registering for a course.
  • Students in NetMath™ courses have 16 weeks to complete a course.

NetMath™ website: