Undergraduate Online Courses

Campus-Based Degree-Seeking Undergraduate Students

If you are currently admitted to a degree program at Illinois, please click the appropriate link below to find your tuition rate.

Non-Degree-Seeking Undergraduate Students

  • $416 Per Credit Hour*

Non-Degree-Seeking Undergraduate Students in The Grainger College of Engineering courses

  • $1110 Per Credit Hour for 2020-2021

Self-Paced Course Undergraduate Tuition Rate

  • $416 Per Credit Hour. Please note that self-paced courses have a specific tuition structure and are not included in the Undergraduate Guaranteed Tuition Program (UGTP).

*General non-degree students registered in campus-based courses are charged some or all of the following fees:

AFMFA - General Fee - Service Fee - Health Service Fee - Health Insurance Fee - Library and Information Technology Fee -Transportation Fee - Other Student Initiated Fees.

**General non-degree students registered in online courses are charged a campus general and library/information technology fee in addition to the online per credit hour rate.

Graduate and Undergraduate campus fee rates can be found here.