Video Playback Guidelines

General Advice

Your course video should work well as long as you have an up-to-date browser and computer operating system, and a reasonably good internet connection, ideally providing at least 1 mbps of download speed, which you can test on computers and mobile devices at

A common source of problems students have had recently has been caused by unnecessarily signing onto the campus VPN to access course materials which will dramatically reduce your internet speed in many circumstances. All campus Learning Management Systems and media services are available without using VPN, including from China. If any course materials aren't working well from China, you can confirm that it should be by using, which is helpfully not blocked in China, or to see if the server that you're trying to connect to is simply not working at the moment.

Below are some other techniques to attempt in case you are having problems that don't appear to be caused by inadequate internet speed

Refresh Your Page Content

Sometimes things just don't load right: try simply refreshing the page.

  • PC: navigate to the page and press the F5 key
  • Mac: navigate to the page and press Command + R


A hard refresh downloads all the page content new, clearing cache for the page

  • PC: Ctrl+F5
  • Mac/Chrome:Shift+Apple/Command+R
  • Mac/Safari:Apple/Command+Option+E then refresh the page

Completely Clear Your Browser Cache

If nothing seems to be working

If you have tried the fixes suggested on this page, and your materials are still not working for you, contact CITL Instructional Media Resources.

You can also contact the support team for your LMS:

Canvas: Canvas Support