Winter Session Testimonials

Are you considering taking a course this winter? Hear what other students have to say about their Winter Session experiences.

"Overall, super great course! I learned a lot and was able to focus on just this for four weeks."
- Paige, BADM 350

"I liked the idea of having something to do over break and I could focus all my time into one subject. A great part about online courses is that you can do it at your own pace."
- Anonymous, BADM 375

"I wanted to complete some of my gen eds so I could graduate on time. I loved the course, the material and instructor. Very easy to learn and to get an A!"
- Anonymous, ATMS 120

"This required course I needed would help to alleviate the credit hours needed for later semesters, in that would not be during the summer. It also provided something to do over the break, in being productive!"
- Anonymous, ECON 102

"I needed a way to boost my GPA while taking an interesting course on my schedule. Great instructor!"
- Anonymous, GEOG 210

"This class was a pre-requisite for a class I want to take next fall and I won't be on campus this coming spring. I think Winter Session is a great option for students that aren't living on campus during this time period." 
- Anonymous, BADM 310

"I took this class so I could clear up space in my schedule for later terms so I can take other, non-required classes. The professor was extremely helpful and fair in his grading. He was clear on what he expected and there was nothing that was a surprise. I had an excellent experience with the course."
- Jacob, GEOL 100

"I really enjoyed the course. I was scared that I would be swamped with work this break since the course is so condensed, but this wasn't the case. The clear calendar for when assignments were due, access to all the modules, and lack of exams made the course manageable."
- Anonymous, GWS 356

"I LOVED THE COURSE! I learned so much in a short time and am thankful this course was offered!"
- Anna, SOC 100