Illinois Online numbers infographic
Data as of Mar, 2021

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  • PLATO (Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations), one of the world’s first computers for teaching and learning was created in 1960 and subsequently Many modern concepts in multi-user educational computing were created at Illinois, such as: discussion forums, message boards, online testing, e-mail, chat rooms, instant messaging, remote screen sharing, and multiplayer games.
  • 1995 was the first year Illinois offered a fully online course.
  • 120 online degree and certificate program options from 12 different academic colleges.
  • 8,300+  courses and 150+  MOOCS.
  • 6,000,000 Learners in Illinois Massive, Open, Online Courses (MOOCs) .
  • 4.71 /5.0 average MOOC course rating.
  • Students from 200+ countries studying in our online degree programs.
  • 1st university in the world to offer a MOOC-based degree with Coursera.
  • Launched in 1996, the School of Information Sciences’ online LEEP program, which offers a Master’s of Library and Information Science and is ranked #1 in the United States, was the university’s first fully online program.
  • 77.5% rate the overall quality of their course as good or excellent.
  • 8,300+ different online courses offered in AY21.
  • 3,035 enrollments in Illinois online Winter courses from AY21 with 90+ courses.