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UIUC AnyWare

UIUC AnyWare is a virtual desktop service that grants students access to over 100 software programs used for class, wherever they are—in the classroom, on campus, or remote. It is available on a diverse set of operating systems, including iOs, Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS. Not only does this service benefit students, but it can also be used to the benefit of instructors. Heidi Gharst, who manages UIUC AnyWare at the University, recommends that instructors implement UIUC AnyWare into their courses immediately.

Some of the benefits of using UIUC AnyWare include:

Providing best practices for a blended classroom. 

Because of COVID-19, many students are choosing to do their semester at home. With UIUC AnyWare, students don’t have to suffer from not having access to software programs that they normally wouldn’t be able to access on their personal devices. It also runs efficiently in conjunction with low-speed internet connections. Students are also able to access UIUC AnyWare’s services 24/7.

Processing capabilities.

Personal devices are usually not able to support certain software because of processing limitations - UIUC AnyWare can help combat this by allowing students to download large files without worry of data caps or bandwidth issues. Personalized settings will also be saved automatically between sessions, so students and instructors have the flexibility to transition to whatever device they’re using next.

Convenience for Professors.

UIUC AnyWare can help reduce stress for professors about students not being able to access software needed to succeed in the classroom, reducing the number of emails professors would get from students asking for assistance. “Students that may be struggling financially, have old computers, have slow Internet connection or an incompatible computer could benefit from UIUC AnyWare,” Gharst says.

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