Registration Process

  1. SELECT Review Policies before Registration to begin the registration process.
  2. READ all policies that apply to your current student status and SELECT Proceed to Registration.
  3. LOGIN and SELECT continue with your registration to go to the next step.
    • New Students:  Create a new login and password to begin the online registration process.  
    • Returning Students: Login with your existing login and password for this site.
  4. SELECT the appropriate Semester, Subject, Credit hours, and then CLICK ON Add Course.
  5. COMPLETE required form information.
    • Please Note: Provide two email addresses and plan to check them both daily. Providing two email addresses ensures you receive the information you need from our office to start the class on time.
  6. REVIEW your application, MAKE changes as needed, and CLICK ON Proceed to Submit.
  7. REVIEW your Course List, READ the Registration Agreement, SELECT I agree to the Above Statement.

Submit Form

  1. CLICK ON Submit Registration to complete the process.
  2. READ AND REVIEW registration summary. Note: You will also receive a copy of the registration summary via email.
  3. LOG OUT.  

Contact Non-Degree Services at the Office of the Registrar by email at

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