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Have questions about non-degree study at Illinois? We’ve got answers!

Illinois’ online programs give learners across the globe the opportunity and flexibility to continue their education, increase their training, and explore their passions as non-degree-seeking students. While...
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Are you a high school student who’s interested in taking online math courses at the University of Illinois? Are you an undergraduate or graduate student who’s currently enrolled in another university and wants to take a course that’s not offered at your school? Are you a working professional who wants to acquire new skills to advance your career or make a career change? Then non-degree study might be right for you.

Illinois’ online programs give learners across the globe the opportunity and flexibility to continue their education, increase their training, and explore their passions as non-degree-seeking students. While non-degree students are taught by the same world-class instructors as degree-seeking students, there are some important differences in the registration process, courses that are available, the certificate of completion, and other matters.

To help your educational journey at Illinois go smoothly, here's a quick guide to some of the most frequently-asked questions that non-degree students have:


How do I register as a non-degree student?

You will need to complete your online registration through the registration application. We have included easy, step-by-step instructions and the enrollment policies regarding your non-degree student status and responsibilities.

Non-degree student enrollment is subject to department approval. Some courses have enrollment deadlines, so it’s important to submit your online registration form at least
two weeks prior to the start
 date to ensure a seat.

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What programs and courses are available to non-degree students?

Non-degree learning options include undergraduate certificate programs, graduate certificate programs, online courses, and NetMath courses.

When you browse the list of online course offerings, make sure to check the “show only courses open to non-degree “ box under the Student Type filter on the upper left side of the page. Then under the Academic Term filter, check the box for the term you’re interested in. NOTE: Non-degree students may enroll in up to three course sections at a time.

You may also search the University of Illinois Course Explorer for current face-to-face and additional online course sections.  

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Will I get an ID card?

Online students may request a photoless ID card by submitting this form. You MUST be officially enrolled in a course before a card is issued to you.


What hardware and software do I need for my course, and what if I need technical support?

You will need to make sure your personal computer meets the necessary technology requirements. You can view the Video Help page for Video Playback Support.

You can also find information on technical support for Zoom, Canvas, Moodle, and more here. If you need help with login and access problems, questions about computer or application features, general troubleshooting, or Help Desk-supported software assistance, please contact Technology Services’ Help Desk.

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How can I get my course syllabus?

You will need to contact the instructor of each of your courses to obtain the syllabus. You can find the instructor for your classes in the Course Explorer. You can look up the instructor's contact information through this directory.

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What if I need to withdraw from a course?

To cancel, drop, and withdraw from the University, you must submit both the Change of Status and Withdrawal/Cancellation forms for signatures and processing. The effective date and time of the requested action is determined when our office receives the completed form. 

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How much does my course cost?

Tuition and fees vary from course to course. Please see this chart for graduate programs or this chart for undergraduates online courses for estimated costs. You may also contact the department that offers your program or course for more information.

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Am I eligible for financial aid, scholarships, or a tuition waiver?

Non-degree students are not eligible to receive federal and state financial aid. If you are currently enrolled in a degree program at another university and are receiving financial aid or a scholarship, you will need to consult with your financial aid office for eligibility reimbursement.

Some colleges or universities, employers, organization, or military affiliations will pay for or reimburse you for online courses at Illinois. You will need to contact your institution, employer, organization, or military benefits plan administrator for availability.

Whether a tuition waiver is granted largely depend on the specific program you are applying to. Therefore, you must contact the department offering the program for eligibility information.

If your tuition waiver is granted, the Office of Student Financial Aid will apply the waiver to your account. Visit the Office of Student Financial Aid website for more information.

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How do I pay my bill?

Student payments are handled by the University Bursar’s Office. Visit their website for information on paying your bill.

Are you ready to enroll in a course as a non-degree student? If so, start the registration process here!

Please visit Illinois Online’s Non-Degree page for more information.