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Build a firm foundation for veterinary school with Veterinary Medicine’s Graduate Academic Program

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Register now for intensive 12-week summer program that starts May 15

By Illinois Online

Thinking about applying to veterinary school?

Prepare for the rigorous requirements of veterinary school and earn a credential from a top-ranked public research university with the online Graduate Academic Program (GAP), offered through the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois.

The GAP Summer Session is an intensive, full-time program that runs over a 12-week period, from May 15 to Aug. 6. (A 9-month, part-time program will also be offered, starting in August.)

The program is fully online, meaning students can complete it from anywhere in the world. Courses last three weeks each and are taught both synchronously and asynchronously, and students should plan to spend 48 hours per week on coursework.

Students who complete the program will receive a transcript and Certificate of Veterinary Science from the College of Veterinary Medicine to show future employers or admission committees. Completion of the certificate can also count toward the hours needed for the 32-credit-hour Master of Veterinary Science (MVS) degree offered through the College of Veterinary Medicine.

The summer program is also timed to allow you to meet veterinary school application deadlines.

Who should enroll in the GAP Summer Session?

The intensive 12-week summer program is for students who:

  • Have completed their undergraduate degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and are looking to enhance their veterinary school application
  • Are looking to build a strong foundation for success in veterinary school
  • Are seeking to fill the gap between their undergraduate degree and veterinary school
  • Are ready to deepen their confidence and competence in critical thinking and problem-solving abilities

Why earn a Certificate in Veterinary Science?

The GAP program was developed and taught by world-class veterinary professors at Illinois. It’s designed around the concepts of student success, active learning in community, career and professional development, leadership, and teamwork.

The specific courses focus on developing critical thinking skills, communication, and problem solving of animal health challenges. The required credit coursework involves classes in bioveterinary structure and function, clinical microbiology, infectious disease, host homeostasis, and responses to health challenges.

In addition to learning how to apply basic principles of health science to solve animal health problems, students will also strengthen their veterinary school applications and build a strong foundation for their success in veterinary school.

Only 32 highly-qualified applicants will be selected for the intensive summer program, so apply now or before the April 1 application deadline. (NOTE: You can also apply to the 9-month part-time program if that schedule is a better fit for you.)

Still wondering whether GAP is right for you?

Contact the iLearning Team at the College of Veterinary Medicine or email them at to learn more about the program. They are eager to hear about you and your goals and help you find the resources to meet those goals.