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Get ahead in your college journey with an online winter course



By Selena Adetunji, CITL Marketing Intern

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is delighted to announce that a robust line-up of online courses will be available to undergraduate students and non-degree students during Winter Session 2023-2024.

Winter Session runs from December 18, 2023, through January 12, 2024. It provides students with the opportunity to study at a top-ranked university, learn from highly-rated instructors, and complete a semester-long course in a short period of time from anywhere in the world on their own time.

Courses are demanding but are reasonably paced, giving students the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, work a part-time job, and enjoy some downtime. Eligible students can take only one course and with a wide range of courses to choose from, there is something available for every student. You can view the course list here. Be sure to check back regularly as courses are subject to change.

Here are some other reasons as to why students should consider taking a Winter Session course. They can:

  • Knock out a general education requirement or a difficult course in a short period of time
  • Become one step closer to graduating on time
  • Take a class that they may not have time to take during Fall or Spring
  • Explore a new subject
  • Leave summer open to more opportunities
Need further convincing? Here’s what a past student had to say about a course they took:

"This class was a prerequisite for a class I want to take next fall, and I won't be on campus this coming spring. I think Winter Session is a great option for students that aren't living on campus during this time period."

Be sure to check out more student testimonials  and read about CITL Intern Brigid McCall's experience with a Winter Session course in this blog post.

Learn more about Winter Session 2023-2024 here and register for a course. Priority registration opens October 30th, 2023!