Looking for a Summer Session course? With 600+ sections, there's something for everyone.

by | Apr 08, 2024


By Selena Adetunji, CITL Marketing Intern

Summer is just around the corner. For many students, that means working a summer job or internship, traveling, hanging out with friends and family, or rest and relaxation.

Did you know that you can do all of that and still get ahead in your education?

The University of Illinois' Summer Session 2024 runs May 13 through August 3, with 4-, 8-, and 12-week courses available.

Summer Session gives undergraduate and graduate students a wonderful opportunity to take a general education course, take a course that's hard to get into during Fall or Spring, or earn extra credits toward graduation. Because of the online format, students can take the course from anywhere in the world around their schedule.

With 600+ courses, there’s something for everyone. Here are 10 to consider:

ANTH 209 ONL: Food, Culture, and Society, Credit - 3 hours

Ever wondered about the fascinating world of food? Learn through an anthropological perspective where you could learn about food through social, cultural, language, and historical lenses. This class covers topics about how food shows up in popular culture, ranging from family dynamics to global food marketing. If you have a passion for food, this is the course for you.

Does this course satisfy a General Education requirement? Yes.

BSE 705 A: Race In Medicine, Credit - 4 hours

This elective provides an opportunity to explore the topics of unconscious bias, history of race in medicine and effects on systemic racism in medicine. The goal is to give time to grow in personal insight and development in this area to progress to become a compassionate and unbiased health care provider. Progress towards this goal will be made through the personal journey of completing a 21 day equity challenge and reflection paper, participation in online discussion boards, and group projects looking at the history and current state of racism and social determinants of health in medicine. There is a prerequisite for this course: restricted to students enrolled in the Carle Illinois college of Medicine curriculum. This course is only available during the Discovery Learning timeframe.

Does this course satisfy a General Education requirement? No.

CHLH 274 ON2: Introduction to Epidemiology, Credit - 3 hours

This course is all about getting to the roots of epidemiology. You’ll dive into the basics of how diseases spread and apply what you learn to real world situations such as clinical practice and research. Topics include patterns of disease occurrence, methods of adjustment, quantitative study designs, and more. Get ready to explore a world full of health insights.

Does this course satisfy a General Education requirement? Yes.

ECE 342 ON1: Electronic Circuits, Credit - 3 hours

In this course, you will learn the analysis and design of analog and digital electronic circuits using MOS field effect transistors and bipolar junction transistors, with emphasis on amplifiers in integrated circuits. A prerequisite is required for this course: ECE 210. Credit will not be given for both ECE 342 and PHYS 404.

Does this course satisfy a General Education requirement? No.

IS 340 OA: Project Management, Credit - 3 hours

This course focuses on project management methodology that will allow you to initiate and manage projects efficiently and effectively. You will learn key project management skills and strategies, and you will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge through assignments.

Does this course satisfy a General Education requirement? No.

MACS 371 ONL: Editing and Post Production, Credit - 4 hours

Have you been wanting to dive into the world of video editing and post production? This course will give you weekly hands-on assignments and exciting projects that will allow you to master narrative editing, color correction, audio magic, and any software you need to complete your assignment. This course is strongly suggested for students who wish to be considered for the editing and post production positions in MACS 480/481. There is a prerequisite for this course: MACS 260. Credit is not given for MACS 371 if credit for MACS 323: Video and Audio Post Production has been given. Prerequisite: MACS 260: Film Production.

Does this course satisfy a General Education requirement? No.

ACE 240 ONL: Personal Financial Planning, Credit - 3 hours

Want to learn how to budget your money? This course explains the basics of financial planning for individuals and families. You will learn how to create a budget that works for you, how to build your savings, handle credit responsibly, and more! Get ready to take control of your financial future.

Does this course satisfy a General Education requirement? No.

ADV 310 ONL: Intro To Public Relations, Credit - 3 hours

This class introduces you to the practice and profession of public relations. Course material covers topics such as the history of public relations, the role of law and ethics in public relations, and theories that guide public relations research and practice. The course will also introduce roles played by public relations practitioners within organizations, such as media relations, consumer relations, employee relations, community relations, and investor relations.

Does this course satisfy a General Education requirement? No.

AFST 222 A: Introduction To Modern Africa, Credit - 3 hours

Journey into modern day Africa with this course. We’ll learn about politics, economics, sociology, anthropology, and history, all focused on Africa’s key themes and challenges. This course is the same as ANTH 222, PS 242, and SOC 222.

Does this course satisfy a General Education requirement? Yes.

THEA 101 A: Introduction to Theatre Arts, Credit – 3 hours

Introduction to the arts of theater for non-majors, including acting, design, directing, dramaturgy, and playwriting, together with a survey of theatrical history, minority theater, and plays by women. Attendance at Department of Theater productions (ticket fee required). Credit will be not given for both THEA 101 and THEA 102.

You can see all of the course sections that are available by visiting Summer 2024 Course List.

Learn more about Summer Session 2024, and register for a course. Open registration begins April 18.