Study Playlist for Fall 2023

by | Sep 18, 2023
Playlist blog post

By Selena Adetunji, CITL Marketing Intern

Midterms are slowly approaching and finals season will be following soon after. If you need a study playlist to drone out the noise during those times or one to listen to casually, check out these recommendations.

Chilled Cat Music (Spotify and YouTube): Chilled Cat Music has a variety of playlists to accompany you while you study such as Halloween themed, fall vibes, and chill lofi. They also have a Youtube channel as well with even more playlists.

Lofi Girl (Spotify and YouTube): Lofi Girl is a well known lofi music community provider since 2015. You can follow their Spotify account, but their YouTube channel goes live everyday with a constant stream of lofi music that consists of lofi hiphop (beats to relax/study to), synthwave radio, and more lofi hiphop (beats to chill/relax to).

Relaxing Jazz Piano (Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music): If you are looking for more of a coffee shop feel or something more jazz oriented, then Relaxing Jazz Piano will have the playlist for you. Their YouTube channel features autumn themes and piano centered music.

HALIDONMUSIC (Spotify and YouTube): HalidonMusic is an Italian record label and their music catalog ranges from classical and instrumental to jazz, pop and world music. They have playlists with hours worth of Beethoven, Chopin, Bach, and more. Check out their YouTube channel here.

4K Video Nature - Focus Music (Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud). This channel has music for relaxation, studying, reading and more. You can play music at a low volume and focus on your work. Their YouTube channel has lives going on almost every day, so the options are endless.

White noise has been known to help with better focus and productivity. Ocean sounds or a fireplace crackling could be your thing as well, the options are endless. If any of these recommendations help you get into the zone and promote productivity, then great!

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