Apps Every Student Should Have

by | Feb 07, 2020
Written by Kendall Job, Marketing & Communications Intern

Both classroom and online learning can definitely guarantee a few more distractions than you bargained for. However, there are surely a few apps that can be helpful to have on your phone for learning outside any classroom. Here are some apps for your use to help you on your way to success as a student, all while staying focused and on track during your study sesh. 

1. Google Drive 

Whichever note-taking platform you choose to use for your classes, check the app store for an app version of it. Specifically with Google Drive, getting the Drive app, as well as the associated Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps make everything in Drive completely accessible from your phone or tablet if you’re not near your laptop or desktop computer. This way, you can access all of your notes and other materials when you’re on-the-go and may not be at home for easy accessible viewing of them. 

2. LinkedIn 

Why might you need an app for professional networking? So you can connect with the students in your online classes, of course! Especially in an age where digital communication is the most common and convenient, it only makes sense to add networking to the list of things technology can enhance. While online classes are a great way to build connections and cultivate professional relationships, LinkedIn is an amazing tool to use to keep in contact with your classmates long after the class has ended. 

3. Quizlet 

If you're out and about and have some free time or are sitting on the bus on your way to class, Quizlet is an awesome learning tool for on-the-go. You can flip through your flashcards, take made-up practice exams of your vocabulary terms and play games to help with learning, retention and memorization. This is a great app to pull out of your pocket to get in some last minute studying right before class or a big exam. 

4. SelfControl 

This app is a great way to reduce distractions from your online study environment. There is no reason to be looking at more than one screen and the one to pay attention to is the one with your online class on it! Your phone or other tech device can be a huge distraction while studying and SelfControl allows you to lock yourself out of certain apps for a certain amount of time (which you can control and set yourself) so you’re not tempted to use them when you know you shouldn’t. 

5. IlliniSpaces 

Specific to the University of Illinois is a versatile app that finds you study spaces on campus. You can customize the type of study environment you are looking for in order to match your study mood or needs. There are several filters to narrow down your options, such as the type of space, the resources it has, whether food is allowed, location and much more. This app is a great way to utilize all the great study spaces we have here at the University of Illinois but you may not be aware of. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your next favorite study spot! 

These few apps, among so many others, are the ones I have found to be a great help since beginning life as a college student. As long as you use these for their purposes and can commit to not being distracted with other phone or tablet technology, these can help you add in an extra study session and find your next great study environment! Feel free to share any other educational apps you use to be successful in college in the comments below. 

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