Staying Organized with Apps

by Katie Glaze | Mar 02, 2017

Stay Organized in Online Courses

­­­­­­­­Stay on your A-game, on the go!

Have you ever wished there were more hours in a day?  Do you find it difficult to get all the things you want finished?  Sometimes it is hard to accomplish all you want to when you have classes, groceries to purchase, a gym class and studying for your exam.

If you’re needing to organize your hectic life, then please read on!  Here are some apps to help you get back on the fast track.

University of Illinois Specific Apps

  • UI Dining Mobile App iPhone / Android
    Would you like to know what’s on the menu for dinner, what time it will be served and what locations are open right now?  This app allows you to do just that!  If you’re vegan, have food allergies or want to find nutritional information, you can find it all in this app too!
  • Transit - CUMTD
    Get moving with the CU MTD Transit app.  This app provides you with bus times straight from the source so you’re never late!
  • Coursicle
    Get notified when a spot in the class you want to enroll in opens with Coursicle.  Just enter in your University, contact information and class name.  It’s that easy!
  • Quizlet Flashcards & Learning
    Want to design and easily make flashcard sets?  Quizlet is the app for you!
  • RefME
    Easily produce citations with RefME.  Cite any source quickly, books, web pages, articles and much more!
  • Moodle and Blackboard
    View your online classes and get work done on the go with the Moodle and Blackboard apps!  Receive notifications and announcements for your online classes, anywhere you are!


  • Grocery iQ
    Similar to ZipList, this app gathers your grocery list, but it also tallies up your bill before you check out.  To save a bit more cash, you can browse coupons to email to yourself to use later or print on the go!


  • Key Ring
    Is your keychain filled with reward cards from different stores and weighing you down?  Simplify your purchases by storing all your discount cards on your phone!  Scan your phone when you’re checking out to receive rewards.  It’s very convenient and if you work out, you can even add your gym membership card to the app!


  • Cozi 
    If you’re in desperate need for an easy to manage calendar, this may be the solution to all your problems.  Organize and plan all your time with Cozi.  With reminders for classes, appointments work or events, you can stay on schedule.  You can also keep track of your friends and roommate’s schedules, all in one place.  Build to-do lists, make your grocery list and search for recipes.  You can even store your photos in Cozi’s journal to share and collect your memories.
  • Accomplish
    Keep your to-do list and calendar in sync with Accomplish.  The apps name alone lets you know it’s great.  Accomplish allows you to stay on top of your time management.  Easily view your calendar, set alarms as appointment reminders and make your to-do list.


  • IF
    How would you like to control all of your apps and smart electronics, all in one place?  With the IF app, you can do just that!  Set up the app to control the lights in your home, your coffee maker in the morning and command it to open Google Maps when you hop in your car and drive to work.  You can even set the app to turn your WiFi on when you arrive home from work and walk through the door!  Set your preferences and let IF do the rest.

To-do List

  • Wunderlist
    Create and store all your to-do lists in one convenient spot to be viewed from your smartphone or on your computer with Wunderlist.


  • Evernote
    Organize your notes, paperwork, receipts, bills and payments all in one spot with Evernote.  Scan in whole documents, insert videos and pictures into your notes and view them virtually anywhere through your smartphone or computer.  You can even turn your business cards into digital contacts in a snap!        

What apps are most helpful to you?  Share your comments below!

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