What it's like taking a Winter Session Course

by | Oct 06, 2022


By Illinois Online

As the temperatures begin to drop, it can only mean one thing for students at the University of Illinois—Winter Session is coming.

The University of Illinois offers a wide selection of short-format, online courses over the winter break to help current undergraduate and non-degree students meet their educational goals.

Courses are taught by nationally-recognized faculty. They are rigorous yet manageable, allowing students to spend time with family and friends, travel, and have time to enjoy their break.

Evan Driscoll, UIUC Civil Engineering student

Evan is slated to graduate in May 2023 with a degree in civil engineering. He managed to complete his college education in only three years, partly due to his taking courses outside of the typical fall and spring semester schedule.

Let’s hear what Evan has to say about his Winter Session experience.

Illinois Online: Why did you want to take a course over your winter break?

Evan Driscoll: I took a winter course in order to relieve my course load for the following semesters.

IO: What course did you take and what did you learn?

Evan: I took History of Music and learned about the beginnings of rock music and the important figures that helped establish it as the genre it is today.

IO: What was the registration process like?

Evan: The registration process is very similar to the process for the fall and winter semesters, however you are limited to one course.

IO: Based on your experience, would you recommend a Winter Session course to a colleague or classmate?

Evan: If someone needs to take courses outside of the normal fall/spring semesters, Winter Session is superior to Summer Session because there aren't additional campus fees. It is a great way to knock a course out in a short period of time.

The winter class schedule is now available in Course Explorer. You can also view the courses here. (Be sure to check back regularly as the list is subject to change.)

Priority registration begins on October 31, 2022. Register when you sign up for Spring 2023 courses!