Students, alumni “wholeheartedly” endorse the IADP professional certificate program

by | Oct 20, 2021

Wondering how the Information Accessibility Design and Policy (IADP) online professional certificate program at the University of Illinois can boost your career?

Listen to what one alumna who works as a quality and accessibility engineer has to say about this award-winning program:

“I completed this certificate program in May 2017, and I wholeheartedly endorse it,” she shared enthusiastically. “The content is robust. The instructors are leaders in the field, super helpful, and approachable. And the pace is perfect for a part-time student.”

Prior to enrolling in the program, she had worked at a university for year or so and had no hands-on experience as a developer.


"Upon completion, I felt fully prepared to sit for the (International Association of Accessibility Professionals Web Accessibility Specialist) and (Computer Programming and Application Development) exams, and indeed, did pass them,” she said. “This program gave me a well-rounded foundation that has propelled my accessibility career into full gear!”

Offered through the College of Applied Health Sciences, the IADP professional certificate is available to undergraduate, graduate, degree, or non-degree-seeking students. The program consists of three, 2-credit 8-week online courses that can be completed in one academic year

Through the program, website/web application developers and designers, content creators in education and industry, eLearning specialists, instructional designers, information technology specialists, and disability service providers will learn the principles of accessible information architecture and universal design used in education, healthcare, and employment settings.

They will also learn the federal and state legal mandates governing information accessibility and their relationship to the civil rights of people with disabilities, as well as technology accessibility standards, design techniques that adhere to those standards, and tools that support validation and evidence of compliance to those standards.

Hear from other IADP alumni or current students about the program’s impact on:

Creating more universally-designed applications and content

“There are so many things I am learning through this certificate program,” a quality assurance manager said. “I feel I will be better equipped to procure management buy-in and develop meaningful accessibility policy. Working with Word, Acrobat, HTML, PowerPoint, etc. have also been important lessons for me, so that I can better talk to people in my agency who work these tools all the time.”

“I’m now taking up projects in my web development job that I wouldn’t have taken up hand I not had the experience gained from IADP,” a web developer added.

Increasing job opportunities or advancement an existing position

“As a result of this program, I applied (for) and was accepted for a part-time position at Microsoft,” a student shared.

“In my position, I’m being asked to evaluate software for accessibility prior to purchase,” another added. “I have historically facilitated these discussions, but … that responsibility has now fallen on me.”

Preparing for certification exams

“IADP prepared me really well for the IAAP CPACC certification,” a student said.

“Being a UX researcher, what I learned through the IADP program helps me a lot in my job,” another said. “The mix of legal and implementation gives me a more holistic picture."

Creating more credibility/visibility in existing professional role

“Confidence is the biggest thing I got out of the program,” a student shared. “Now people listen to my advice more respectfully because they know I have training.”

“For the (Office of Civil Rights), they (Department of Education) needed a bona fide representative for our campus,” another added. “I was the only one with the credentials. The IADP certificate was recognized by DOE for this OCR compliance.”

Enhancing Communication with Other IT Professionals and Vendors

"Everything I learn [from IADP] is foundational for the work I do in the UX team at my company,” according to one student. “It gives me a common language with which to speak with my team and other UX folks."

“What I am learning will help me in communication with developers when their code is missing accessibility features,” another added. “I really believe I need to be able to communicate clearly and doing this IADP program helps me learn it in a way that I would not have experienced it before."

So, what are you waiting for?

Register now and prepare to be a leader in information accessibility design and policy. The registration deadline has been extended to Monday, November 1, 2021.

For more information about enrollment, course content, and learning outcomes, contact Dr. Marc Thompson, IADP program director and instructor.  For information about registration, tuition, technology, and other logistics, contact Erika Albin.