Why Statistics?

by | Nov 16, 2020

NetMath’s new course offering is Stat 200: Statistical Analysis. It provides an accelerated introduction to the basic tools for quantitively oriented students, with particular emphasis on understanding which tools are appropriate for which problems. Students will learn from a world-class instructor and be prepared to apply statistical tools to understand data gathered in the real world.

So, you may be asking, “Why should I take a statistics class?”

According to the University of Illinois Department of Statistics, statistics is the science of modeling, summarizing, and analyzing data, and of using mathematics and computing tools to make predictions and decisions in the face of uncertainty. Statistical ideas are applicable in any area involving quantitative measure and in almost every area of scholarly pursuit.

Statistics can prepare you for a career in business, industry, government, science, and many more areas. People also use statistics in everyday life whether it’s assessing the health benefits or risks of different actions, making investment or other financial decisions, separating real news articles from fake news, or planning your fantasy football league roster.

“This course is for students who want to know what they’re doing, not just crank out misleading reports,” according to course officials.

Stat 200 is open to high school students, college students, and beyond, and you do not have to be a University of Illinois student to enroll. This is the only 16-week-long NetMath course offered in a cohort-style environment, with new cohorts starting on the third Sunday of each month. Upcoming cohort start dates are: December 20, 2020; January 17, 2021; and February 21, 2021. Registration in each cohort ends two weeks prior to the start date.

Learn more about Stat 200 at https://netmath.illinois.edu/stat-200-statistical-analysis. Contact netmath@illinois.edu with any questions.