Top 5 Study Playlists on Spotify

by | Nov 15, 2019


Written by Kendall Job, Editorial Intern

Let’s face it. Studying is probably not high on anyone’s list of favorite things to do. However, when taking classes either at the University or online, it’s definitely a necessary aspect of achieving success. The only thing worse than studying itself is doing it in silence. No thank you! Listening to some fun tunes while studying is even proven to ease student stress and even test anxiety, as music can be a huge help with processing emotions and can be uplifting in many cases. 

As students, I’m sure we can agree we would love nothing more than to stress less! Here are just a few playlists to get you started on the right path to studying with music. 

1. Brain Food 

This playlist features hundreds of lyric-free songs all in one place. It’s described as “hypnotic electric,” perfect for when you need to sit down and study for a while. These tracks are interesting and stimulating for your brain, but don’t include any lyrics so you won’t get distracted! The songs will feed your brain while you work so you don’t get bored while studying. 

2. Chill Tracks 

Chill Tracks is again, a more calming electronic playlist if that’s what you’re in to. It’s a chill enough playlist to study with on in the background. However, some of the songs on this one do have lyrics, though, so it might not be perfect for a reading-heavy study sesh. This is a list of songs for a day you’re looking to focus, but are looking to relax while you do so, too. 

3. Totally Stress Free

This five-hour playlist is sure to keep you calm while studying. Created by Spotify, it includes some of the lightest and most upbeat songs to reduce your study stress. The mellow tunes are the perfect background to your work and won’t preoccupy your mind with too many lyrics. 

4. House Focus 

Created by Spotify, this playlist is over six hours long and features the most up to date songs in the genre. It’s filled with songs labeled as “Instrumental House” and feature catchy beats that can almost make you forget you’re even listening to any music at all. And the best part? No lyrics! 

5. Trabajo Relax 

This three-hour playlist is perfect for the daily study grind. It’s known for helping with concentration because the songs are so calming to listen to. Relax with these chill-out songs while you work hard on your classes! 

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