5 Benefits of Online Courses vs. A Traditional Classroom

by | Oct 22, 2019

Written by Kendall Job, Editorial Intern


If you are considering the idea of taking an online course but aren’t convinced quite yet, you’ve come to the right place! Some are hesitant to try out an online course because many have become so accustomed to the traditional face-to-face classroom interaction. However, there are definitely perks to taking an online course over those held in person. Here are five benefits to taking that leap of faith and studying online. 

1. Schedule flexibility 

There is an incredible amount of flexibility that online courses can offer. Often there are assignment deadlines set at different times throughout the course, allowing for participants to learn at their own pace and complete the coursework on their own time. If you’re balancing a current full-time job, online courses can work around your life and schedule without interrupting your career. Online students also have the opportunity to create their own study environment without the distractions a traditional classroom sometimes presents. 

2. Cost-Friendly 

Taking online courses tends to be significantly cheaper than taking classes on a traditional college campus. The average online student will spend approximately $100-$400 per credit hour in an online course. As an on-campus student, there are often additional costs associated. Therefore, this is a much more cost-efficient option. All course materials are presented online, and many textbooks can be downloaded or rented in an e-reader version for much less than traditional books. 

3. Boost Career Advancement

Sometimes the difference between your current position and your next promotion is another degree or certification. Not only will you be taking the opportunity to increase your skills and knowledge in your subject area, but you can also pick and choose the exact courses you need or want to take. According to The Learning House, over half of online students employed full or part-time were able to have their tuition reimbursed by their employers. Taking online courses won’t stunt your career growth, but instead will allow you to grow as an individual and set yourself up for success in your position. 

4. Self-Discipline 

Online courses can teach students organization and time management by imposing a certain sense of accountability on the individual. One must set aside a considerable amount of time to complete the work and meet the deadlines associated with an online learning schedule. A typical 3-credit course requires around 8 hours of work per week. Adding online coursework to your daily schedule will allow you to learn how to work efficiently and complete your work when you know it’s necessary. You’ll learn how best to hold yourself accountable and stay organized, too, so you never miss a deadline! 

5. Course Variety 

Higher education today allows for an immense variety of courses that can be taken toward a degree. Since they all can’t physically be offered at the same university, your best bet to have the most options for classes is online. Being able to choose from a wide range of courses won’t force you to pick classes based only on requirements, but out of personal interest, too. No matter what or where you are studying, there are many options to choose from. You can usually take the exact courses you need that will count toward your certificate or degree, without worrying about missing out on a class.

Though there are many more benefits to skipping the traditional classroom and engaging in online learning, these are just a few of the top reasons to consider taking your next course online. Share any of your top reasons to take online courses with others below in the comments! 


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