Spice Up Your Summer With One of Our Online Courses

by | May 02, 2019


Summer is quickly approaching, which means tasty barbeques, crackling bonfires, and best of all, online courses! If you’re still looking for something to fill your time this summer, or simply want to get ahead or learn something new, consider registering for one of our many online courses.

Online summer courses are a great way to get ahead in your studies or to catch up if you’re a little behind. Not only can you take a class from anywhere in the world, a majority of them offer a flexible class schedule that allows you to work at your own pace. With such a large offering of courses, online courses are also a great way to learn about subjects that are relevant and interesting specifically to you. We’ve highlighted a few of the courses being offered this summer below!

ATMS 140: Climate and Global Change

You may have heard a lot about climate change over the past couple of years, but do you know the major factors behind it? In ATMS 140, students will examine the physical, chemical, biological, and social factors contributing to global change. Students will also learn the steps being taken to combat climate change, as well as the little things they can do to aid the fight.

GEOL 100: Planet Earth

Are you interested in natural disasters and how they’re formed? How about learning more about the formation of life on Earth, including Dinosaurs? We have the perfect course for you! GEOL 100 will introduce non-science majors to physical and historical aspects of our planet Earth. While you may call Earth home, you’d be surprised at how much you don’t know about it, and how much there is to learn.

ASTR 100: Introduction to Astronomy

Not traveling anywhere this summer? Register for ASTR 100 online and take a trip to outer-space! This course will cover topics including the night sky, the nature and evolution of stars, and the origin of the solar system. Everybody’s wanted to be an Astronaut at some point in their life, so why not explore outer space while you can?

PHIL 102: Logic and Reasoning

Have you ever had a friend who was unnaturally good at winning arguments? Well, now’s your chance to finally learn the skills to take them down. PHIL 102 will allow students to study logical reasoning, and learn techniques for analyzing and criticizing arguments. Now’s your chance to finally learn how to win that argument, take advantage!

Theatre 101: Introduction to Theatre Arts

Immerse yourself in the art of theatre this summer in THEA 101! This course will give you an introduction to the arts of theater including acting, design, directing, dramaturgy, and playwriting. You’ll be a theatre buff before you know it!   

While we’ve highlighted several excellent online courses above, there are many more interesting courses to choose from. Check out the rest of the courses offered at https://online.illinois.edu/online-courses/summer-session.