Spotify Playlists to Study to

by | Aug 17, 2017

7749080996_aeb28d0693_mLet’s face it, nobody actually loves to study. Sitting in your room late at night trying to cram for an upcoming exam or attempting to finish that paper in the library you should’ve finished weeks ago… Yeah we’ve all been there. But studying in silence can be even worse, just you and your own jumbled thoughts trying to piece together information. Music to the rescue! Some researchers actually encourage studiers to listen to music because it lightens the mood and may increase productivity and positive feelings.

One very important piece of information that researchers agree on to have the most successful study session; music without lyrics. When songs contain lyrics, your brain is then trying to occupy memory space to remember the words while simultaneously singing along with the song. But have no fear, here is a list of the top five, lyric-free playlists that Spotify has to offer for your study needs!

  1.  Workday Lounge
    This playlist, created by Spotify, features 108 songs, with over eight hours of music to occupy your studying. And no this isn’t your typical elevator-type music. These tranquil tracks will help you feel at ease and help to stay focused on the material in front of you.

  2. Intense Studying
    The most study-friendly classical music for full concentration. This playlist, created by Spotify, features 50 slow-tempo pieces of piano and other orchestra instruments to set a consistent tempo and soundscape for those hard-core studiers. This playlist gets studiers down to business.

  3. Superior Study Playlist
    This playlist, created by Taylor Diem, has 800 songs to choose from; yes I said 800! It features modern instrumental tracks to help you focus on studying, with an upbeat mood. You could listen to this playlist all semester and never hear the same song twice!

  4. Acoustic Concentration
    Shut out the noise around you with this playlist, created by Spotify, that features 33 acoustic instrumental songs to put you in your happy place when studying. These tracks will set the mood to get lots of studying done!

  5. Study Mix (no lyrics)
    Modern songs transformed into beautiful orchestra pieces, say what? If modern music is your thing, then this playlist, created by Morgan Staub, is the one for you! Listen to almost 100 songs from today’s hits including Summertime Sadness, Pompeii, and Some Nights, with the lyrics taken out and played over a quartet of violins. This playlist will not disappoint when studying!