Spice Up Your Assignments With Media!

by Katie Glaze | Apr 20, 2017


Are you looking to broaden your horizons in the assignment world by adding audio and video to your work?  If you are new to the multimedia production game, here are a few applications to help you on your way to create a masterpiece.


Add titles, music, voiceovers and photos to your videos with iMovie.  This application allows you to cut and splice your film easily all on your iPhone.
Download iMovie for iOS 

Pinnacle Studio Pro

Pinnacle has been around for quite some time and with its lasting reputation, you know it is good.  Quickly pan-and-zoom, picture-in-picture and apply audio edits.
Download Pinnacle Studio Pro for iOS 


Packed with features, this entirely free app is your little helper to individually edit clips, add filters and transitions in a snap.
Download Splice for iOS


PowerDirector is similar to iMovie in that is provides a user-friendly video editing interface.  Easily trim and rearrange your clips and make them your own.
Download PowerDirector for Android


It’s in the name!  Create your videos super-fast with Quik.  Apply fonts and filters, even turn your group of photos into video, in a flash!
Download Quik for Android
Download Quik for iOS 

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere is used widely on the desktop, so it also works great on your smartphone or tablet.  If you are looking for a simple, quick and free application to edit your audio and videos, Adobe Premiere Clip is it!
Download Quik for Android
Download Quik for iOS

So, I’m sure you’re asking yourself, when would be the best time to use multimedia in an assignment?  If you feel your assignment would be better described and illustrated through video to physically show your audience what you're trying to say, then there you go!  It is best to start your masterpiece with a clear idea of the end product in mind.  Write a script and also lay out the details.  I challenge you to use multimedia in an upcoming assignment for this semester.