My Winter Session Experience

by Caroline Bircher | Nov 18, 2015
CB Blog 2By Caroline Bircher, College of Media, Class of 2015

As an Advertising major, I am required to take SOC 100, but have always had a hard time fitting this 4-credit hour class into my schedule. When I had the opportunity to fulfill this requirement by taking a 4-week, online course over winter break, I decided it was a great option for me.

I was a little nervous about the workload required to pack a semester-long, four credit hour class into four weeks, but the course load was extremely manageable. The online format offered a convenient way to take the course while home for the holidays, and it was easy to complete the assignments around my busy schedule. When I knew I was going to be busy with traveling to visit family or had plans with my hometown friends, I was able to work ahead.

The online course format was similar to classroom learning. I did readings and watched videos online instead of attending lectures. Online discussion forums took the place of the in-person discussion sections that I was familiar with. Assignments also included online quizzes, creating a wiki page, and a final paper.

Overall, I would definitely recommend taking a 4-week, online course this winter session. It’s a great way to get ahead and maximize your time by doing something productive during winter break, and the online format allows you to access the class materials from anywhere in the world. This winter, I will be graduating a semester early, which can partially be credited to working ahead and taking a class last winter break!


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  3. Jane | Dec 03, 2015
    Thank you for this article! I was a little worried about taking a winter class, but clearly it is possible as you mentioned! Thank you! 
  4. anil | Nov 25, 2015

    very interesting article thank you for sharing

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