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Teaching Biology

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Courses in the Master of Science in Teaching Biology online degree program meet the needs of today's biology teachers, allowing in-service teachers to bring the latest advances directly into the classroom. The online degree program is designed to give practicing teachers the opportunity to earn the M.S. in Teaching Biological Science or graduate credits in biology while living and teaching at home.

The program centers on five 8-week, totally online, 500-level biology courses designed explicitly to bring teachers up-to-date with topics and concepts at the cutting edge of biology. Additionally, three 8-week education courses cover theories and developments in student education to strengthen teaching practices. All course activities, assignments, and assessments are developed to enable conversion into the teacher's classroom. The OMST program takes approximately two years to complete in full-time participation. Part-time participation is also an option. Note: Only applicants holding a Teaching Certificate will be considered for admission.

Degree Overview: