Graduate Degrees

Environmental Geology

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

The Department of Geology offers an online Master's degree in Environmental Geology designed to meet the existing high demand for advanced geology expertise to solve environmental and industry problems, including:

  • Groundwater and Numerical modeling
  • Contaminant Migration Characterization
  • Water Chemistry and Bioremediation
  • Environmental Geophysics
  • Multi-scale Geodata analysis

The Environmental Geology M.S. degree program is fully online, which precludes the need for an extended absence from a current job and/or personal responsibilities and maximizes learning flexibility. Prospective graduate students interested in the online Master's program will apply through the Graduate College website. Please see the program website for more information on application deadlines.

Prospective students may also directly contact the Online Program Faculty Coordinator in Geology, Dr. J. Cory Pettijohn, for additional information.