Graduate Degrees

CyberGIS and Geospatial Data Science

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

CyberGIS – a new generation of geographic information science and systems (GIS) in the era of artificial intelligence and big data – represents the latest innovative development in the fast-growing field of geospatial data science. Combining advances in high-performance and data-intensive computing with developments in geospatial data analysis, management, processing, and visualization, cyberGIS has rapidly emerged as a major force in private and public organizations and in higher education for harnessing the rapid geospatial data revolution.

Our 32-credit-hour master's program was designed to help working professionals meet the high demand for these skills across many industries, and advance in their career and become leaders in their field. It is fully online, meaning students can complete the program from anywhere in the world without leaving their job.


  • Bachelor of Science degree (ideally in Geography, GIS, Computer Science, or Information Science)  from an accredited college in the United States or an approved international institution of higher education.
  • GPA of 3.0/4.0 or higher for the last 60 semester hours of their Bachelor of Science program. Students who do not meet the 3.0/4.0 GPA criterion may still be eligible to enroll if they have significant experience outside of the classroom. Such students are encouraged to or contact the Online Programs Faculty Coordinator, Dr. Anand Padmanabhan at