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Leadership Skills iCademy

Gies College of Business

Gies College of Business is expanding its commitment to delivering life-changing access to business education by launching a new online delivery of micro skills - the iCademy. A new program focused on specific skills to increase your value in the workforce, iCademy will deliver the tools you need to change your perspective and drive career growth. This program will provide learners with skills-focused content you can apply immediately.

Leadership is more than just a title - it's a mental model for creating value at work. Leaders are everywhere. Leaders need to work effectively and ethically with others to manage processes and solve problems.

Being an effective and ethical leader requires practice. The purpose of the Leadership Skills iCademy is to provide foundational knowledge of various skills required to be a good leader and to introduce you to actions you can take to develop leadership habits. Improving leadership skills is more than just learning some new frameworks; it's a process of experimentation, reflection, and growth.

Start Date
Open Enrollment

3-4 Hours per Skill

Program Fees
$99 USD

Competencies and What You'll Learn

Each Skill in the Leadership Skills iCademy focuses on understanding and honing a particular aspect of effective leadership. The Skills are divided into three Themes, each of which explores a different perspective necessary for leadership development.

Although you can complete the Themes in any order, we recommend starting with Self. This will allow you to develop a foundational understanding of the role your own personality, emotions, and values in leading others. You can build on this to develop effective interpersonal and team leadership practices.

  • Self
  • Interpersonal (In development)
  • Teams (In development)