Online Graduate Certificates

Crip*—Cripistemology and the Arts

College of Fine & Applied Arts
Crip* "is fundamentally a practice-based, experimental collaboration that draws upon points of connection between artistic practice and critical thought—understanding the need to address both how cripistemologies are shaped pedagogically and how they are disseminated publicly." The transdisciplinary initiative housed within the College of Fine and Applied Arts, and the Crip*—Cripistemology and the Arts online graduate certificate program is offered through the College of Fine and Applied Arts.

This 12-credit hour program will help students, professionals and artists draw connections between artistic praxes and critical methodologies in support of a practice-based exploration of disability, Crip Theory, cripistemology, and the arts.

This certificate is credit-bearing, meaning that those who complete the course requirements will have a University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign transcript with the courses completed and grades. The certificate is non-transcriptable, meaning that you will not earn a degree or diploma and the certificate completion will not be listed on students’ transcripts.


See the coursework here.


$597/credit hour or $7,164 total