Online Graduate Certificates

Civil Engineering/Urban Mobility Systems

Grainger College of Engineering

As the demand for freight and passenger mobility continues to grow at an increasing pace, there is a pressing need to ensure efficiency, sustainability, and resilience of transportation systems for current and future generations. The transportation engineering faculty at Illinois offer unequaled expertise in holistic and innovative solutions to planning, managing, and control of urban mobility systems. The courses offered in this program emphasize development of analytic, problem-solving, design, and management skills that will be essential for professional, teaching, and research careers in public and private sectors.

CEE 417. Urban Transportation Planning (4 credit hours)
CEE 418. Public Transportation Systems (4 credit hours)
CEE 498TE. Transportation Economics (4 credit hours)
CEE 512. Logistics Systems Analysis(4 credit hours)
CEE 598UTM. Urban Transportation Models (4 credit hours)