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Civil Engineering/Foundation Engineering

Grainger College of Engineering

The Geotechnical Engineering group at the University of Illinois has educated generations of experts in the use of natural and engineered geomaterials. One of the key tenets of geotechnical engineering is the engineering of foundations for buildings, dams, and other geostructures. Dr. Ralph B. Peck, founder of the Geotechnical Engineering Program at Illinois, was a Professor of Foundation Engineering and offered the first course in Foundation Engineering at the University of Illinois in the 1940s. As foundation engineering has broadened and seen significant innovations over the past 80 years, the Geotechnical Engineering group now covers this fundamental topic in three courses.

The Graduate Certificate in Foundation Engineering is geared toward students looking to expand their understanding of Foundation Engineering and for practicing engineers looking to deepen their knowledge base. This certificate will provide a review of both fundamental theories and new and up-to-date applications in Foundation Engineering.

CEE 484. Applied Soil Mechanics (4 credit hours)
CEE 585. Deep Foundations (4 credit hours)
CEE 587. Applied Rock Mechanics (4 credit hours)