Online Graduate Certificates

Business Analytics Certificate

Gies College of Business
The Business Analytics Graduate Certificate offers learners in-demand business analytics skills including strategy, methods, tools, and applications that are widely used across business disciplines. Learners will study and use analytic languages, build data preparation and communication knowledge, and expand their business analytic mindset through exposure to theory, strategy, and application.
This program is designed for aspiring managers, senior managers, and business executives who wish to have a well-rounded knowledge of business analytics that integrates the areas of data science, analytics, and business decision-making.
What you learn in class one day you can apply at work the next, including the ability to:
  • Process data using programming languages (such as R) and understand the interaction between business principles and data analytics.
  • Develop an analytic mindset for approaching business problems.
  • Appraise the value of datasets for addressing business problems using summary statistics and data visualizations.
  • Operate business analytic software applications for exploratory data analysis.
  • Use algorithmic models to understand relationships among variables, make forecasts, and add structure to data