Online Graduate Certificates

Aerospace Design and Systems Engineering

Grainger College of Engineering

Aerospace systems are highly integrated and complex, and therefore they present unique challenges from a design perspective. It is critical that aerospace engineers are well versed in the principles of design and systems engineering in order to create and manage aircraft and space systems whose components work in synergy to provide strong performance over their full life cycle. The certificate in Aerospace Design and Systems Engineering provides students with a strong foundation in the fundamentals of engineering design methods and systems engineering for aerospace applications. Students will be introduced to the basics of this subject area, as well as emerging topics that are highly relevant to the aerospace industry such as computational design optimization, design for additive manufacturing, and machine learning. Students will be required to complete 12 credit hours from a selection of the following courses:

AE 598: Nonlinear Solid Mech Design (4 credit hours)
AE 498: Structural Design Optimization (4 credit hours)
AE 498: Comp Methods for Sys Engr (4 credit hours)
AE 504: Optimal Aerospace Systems (4 credit hours)
AE 542: Aerospace Systems Engineering I (4 credit hours)
AE 543: Aerospace Systems Engineering II (4 credit hours)

Course availability can be found at the course schedule.