Online Programs

Illinois online courses are taught by the same faculty as on-campus course sections. Many online degree programs such as the School of Information Sciences LEEP Program, have received national awards for excellence. The College of Education is ranked as one of the top ten best online graduate education programs by U.S. News & World Report. Online learners range from traditional to non-traditional college students; part-time to full-time; high school students to working professionals of any age; and, students enroll from virtually all corners of the globe.


What students have to say about learning online at Illinois.

Campus-Based Undergraduate Degree-Seeking Student

“When I started my degree at the University of Illinois, I was surprised by the number of online course offerings. I was able to complete some classes online, even General Education (gen-ed) requirements. The course content was demanding, however, the format and flexibility was a big help giving me more time to spend on lab projects and work at my campus job.”

Drew Bollinger, Chemical Engineering, B.S. Class of 2015

Online Graduate Degree-Seeking Student

 “The classes are very easy to access and participate in. The professors also understand that the majority of the students are working full time and are very flexible with schedules. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who’s thinking about working towards a master’s degree, but would like to continue working while doing so.”

Melissa Kuhrt, Senior Scientist, Diageo, Plainfield, IL