Undergraduate Online Courses

Campus-Based Degree-Seeking Undergraduate Students

If you are currently admitted to a degree program at Illinois, please click the appropriate link below to find your tuition rate.

Non-Degree-Seeking Undergraduate Students

  • $409 Per Credit Hour*

Non-Degree-Seeking Undergraduate Students in College of Engineering courses

  • $1084 Per Credit Hour for 2017-2018*

Self-Paced Course Undergraduate Tuition Rate

  • $409 Per Credit Hour*. Please note that self-paced courses have a specific tuition structure and are not included in the Undergraduate Guaranteed Tuition Program (UGTP). All self-paced courses are assessed an additional fee per credit hour. 

*Many online and off-campus courses are assessed a $50 non-refundable fee that covers instructional development, academic, student, and administrative support. This fee does not include insurance, transportation or other campus services.