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Online Master of Arts in Translation and Interpreting
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Online Master of Arts in Translation and Interpreting

Fully Online

Fully Online

Flexibility to learn from anywhere. All course and group work is entirely online, and you get individual attention from your professors so you can discuss material, ask questions or get help



Taking into account the needs of off-campus students, the online curriculum provides a variety of engaging delivery formats such as online lectures, collaborative sessions, discussion boards, dual-mode instruction and feedback in many forms


World Class

The University of Illinois Masters' degree provides rigorous academic training and a credential from one of the world's top-ranked research universities.

Preferred Application Deadline for Fall 2021: March 1



Online MA in Translation and Interpreting

Translators and Interpreters use languages to build bridges between cultures, worlds, and people, and this is one reason professional translation and interpreting skills are in such great demand today.  The UIUC Masters in Translation and Interpreting degree can provide you with the intellectual background and technical skills you need to be a successful translator or interpreter. 


Specialized Coursework


In addition to foundational courses in translation theory, professional practice, and technical skills, we offer coursework in three major areas:



  • Terminology, Localization and Translation for the Professions
  • Literary and Applied Literary Translation
  • Conference and Community Interpreting
  • Students in our program choose at least two courses in one of these three areas, based on their interests and professional goals. The Master's program culminates with a major individualized capstone project.

Why Illinois?

Illinois online students benefit from a rigorous program taught by accomplished translators, interpreters and scholars of translation studies.

  • Interdisciplinary expertise. Our core faculty members are active in the translation and interpreting field. Our affiliate faculty members offer expertise in a variety of research areas, such as linguistics, literary and cultural studies, philosophy and ethics, religious studies, and computer science. 
  • Networking. Learn alongside students with diverse perspectives and levels of experience. Students enroll from all corners of the globe, contributing to a rich learning environment.
  • Multilingual approach. With the assistance of our affiliate faculty members, core faculty guide translation and interpreting practice in several different languages, including all the official languages of the United Nations.
Lisa Honda

Translation and Interpreting Lecturer
Kinda University; Osaka, Japan
Graduated May 2015

"The online program for the Masters in Translation and Interpreting at UIUC provided me with an opportunity to go back to school while continuing to work. My children were very young at the time, so I was very happy to be able to find a program that provided a high-quality education remotely so that I could take classes from home. Being able to take classes remotely allowed me to complete the program in Japan without having to relocate to Illinois. I had already been working as a professional translator and interpreter in Japan, and the graduate degree allowed me to teach at the university level. “


Abdulmajeed Alajaji
Lecturer, Saudi Electronic University
Graduated May 2018

"Earning a Master’s degree in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign equipped me with the most essential skills to excel at my work as an instructor at the Saudi Electronic University, where I apply the knowledge and skills gained while studying at UIUC to help my students and improve their experience. The invaluable lessons and great moments of learning and growing during my time in Urbana-Champaign will always remain with me and affect how I learn and teach."

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Sofia Ceron
Graduate Student, Center for Translation Studies
May 2020 Graduate

Paige Lewis
In-House Translator at Silvergate Translations
Expected Graduation May 2022

"Thanks to the MA in Translation and Interpreting at Illinois, I got to specialize more in my main interest (interpreting) and acquired the necessary knowledge and skills for starting my career with confidence.  Time went by so fast because I really enjoyed the very friendly and collaborative atmosphere, as well as the academic and human quality of all the professors that are experts in their field.  They left a great impact on me as a person and future interpreter."

"The University of Illinois online Master of Arts in Translation & Interpreting program has given me the freedom to work full time and travel while still in school.  Many are concerned that online courses can be difficult due to a lack of personal connection, but the professors at CTS are always available for questions , they are invested in their students, and they are clearly passionate about their respective fields."

Visit the MA in Translation & Interpreting website to learn more about the program.