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iMSW Program
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Part-time fully Online MSW Program
  Leadership and Social Change and
Advanced Clinical Concentration

MSW Campus-Based Program
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Full or Part-time
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Traditional Entry

PhD in Social Work
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On-Campus MSW Advanced Standing Students: Apply by May 1st for Fall 2023
A Master of Social Work from the University of Illinois is a CSWE-accredited program that prepares you for advanced social work practice and research in public and private agencies. With multiple enrollment options--including fully online, hybrid, or on-campus--you can tailor your education to meet your needs. Enter either the iMSW or MSW on-campus program as a traditional entry student or advanced standing student**.  Choose from either a Leadership and Social Change Concentration or Advanced Clinical Concentration with either degree option. 

** Advanced Standing status is only eligible to students who have a Bachelor's of Social Work degree from an accredited program with the Council on Social Work Education within the past 7 years.

#6 ranked by Center for World University Rankings, 3 enrollment options to choose from, 90%+ job placement rate for MSW graduates


iMSW Program

  • Fully Online Part-Time MSW Program
  • Choose from Advanced Clinical Concentration (direct practice) or Leadership and Social Change Concentration (macro practice)
  • Focus areas include: Health Care, Mental Health, Schools, Children, and Youth & Family Services
  • Advanced Clinical Concentration students can choose from the following focus areas: Healthcare, Mental Health, Children, Youth and Family Services and Schools*
  • *Only Illinois Residents are able to choose the Schools focus area.

MSW Campus-Based Program

  • Enables you to pursue full- or part-time graduate coursework on the Urbana-Champaign campus
  • Students can enter the program as Advanced Standing or Traditional students
  • Choose from two primary concentrations: Leadership and Social Change or Advanced Clinical
  • Campus Traditional students application deadline for a June 2023 start will be January 15, 2023.
  • Campus Advanced Standing students application deadline for an August 2023 start will be January 15, 2023.

PhD in Social Work

  • Prepares students for leadership roles in social work research, social work education, social policy, planning, and administration
  • Equips students with tangible skills to use rigorous scientific method to develop and disseminate knowledge, teach the next generation of social workers, and help serve their communities. 
  • Each doctoral student is assigned an advisor based on the focus interest of the student and those of the faculty member.
  • The application deadline is January 15, 2023.

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