Online Undergraduate Degrees

Strategic Leadership & Management

Gies College of Business

The Strategic Leadership & Management Certificate is designed for professionals who want to enhance leadership and business skills for immediate impact. In this certificate program, you will learn the fundamentals to effectively lead people and teams, manage organizations, analyze business situations, and develop strategies. The Specialization covers the strategic, human resource, and organizational foundations for creating and capturing value for sustainable competitive advantage.

Upon completion of the certificate, students will:

  • Effectively work with and manage people individually and in teams
  • Understand how organizations are designed and managed
  • Analyze business situations and formulate and implement strategies to gain and sustain competitive advantage
The program, which is comprised of three graduate-level courses, can be completed in as little as 4 months. Courses are University of Illinois courses taken for academic credit, with an additional Coursera component. 

Courses in the certificate: 

  • Leadership & Teams – Spring/Fall, 8 weeks
  • Managing Organizations – Spring/Fall, 8 weeks
  • Strategic Management – Spring/Summer, 8 weeks

Some of these courses run simultaneously, but you are able to take one at a time.