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Managerial Economics & Business Analysis Specialization

Gies College of Business

The Managerial Economics & Business Analysis specialization certificate is designed for professionals to learn to effectively manage and operate a business. Managers and leaders need to understand the market characteristics and economic environment in which they operate. You will build a solid understanding of the operation of markets and the macro-economic environment with real-world examples. You will be able to identify firm- and country-level economic factors that impact business decisions, develop an analytical framework using statistical tools, and apply economic theory and data in the analysis of a business environment and trends. Upon completion of the specialization certificate, students will:

  • Analyze macroeconomic and microeconomic variables at the firm and country levels
  • Explore asymmetries and externalities as forms of market failure and as best practices for equilibrium outcomes within market structures
  • Assess market characteristics and firm-level behaviors as frameworks for making business decisions
  • Create a business plan that requires the application of data analysis tools and interpretations of statistical findings

The program, which is comprised of three graduate-level courses, can be completed in as little as 4 months. Courses are University of Illinois courses taken for academic credit, with an additional Coursera component. 

Courses in the specialization certificate: 

Statistics Management Decision Making – Spring/Fall, 8 weeks

Microeconomics for Business – Spring/Fall, 8 weeks

Money and Banking  – Spring/Summer, 8 weeks

Some of these courses run simultaneously and can be taken as such or one at a time.

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