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Entrepreneurship & Strategic Innovation Specialization

Gies College of Business

In a world characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, leaders require innovation skills. Thinking flexibly and developing an entrepreneurial mindset are critical to thriving in uncertain business environments. This specialization certificate addresses how to recognize and question assumptions and constraints so you can identify and capitalize on opportunities. Learning to change the rules of the game by creating innovative value propositions and discovering new market positions for sustained competitive advantage are some of the actionable lessons in this specialization. This certificate will be of value to both aspiring and practicing entrepreneurs as well as employees in established firms who are interested in becoming innovative leaders in an interconnected world.

Upon completion of the Entrepreneurship & Strategic Innovation specialization certificate, students will:

  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Understand how to manage and innovate in uncertainty
  • Understand when, why, and how to think creatively
  • Assess the feasibility of a new venture and the diversity of challenges involved

The program, which is comprised of four graduate-level courses, can be completed in as little as 7 months. Courses are University of Illinois courses taken for academic credit, with an additional Coursera component. 

Courses in the specialization certificate: 

Strategic Innovation – Spring, 8 weeks

Fostering Creative Thinking – Summer, 8 weeks

Entrepreneurship: From Startup to Growth – Fall, 8 weeks

None of the courses run simultaneously, so you are able to take one at a time.

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