Take STAT 200 online this fall


In Fall 2020, The Department of Statistics is bringing you a unique learning opportunity in statistical analysis: STAT 200—conducted online, open to all students, and relevant to all disciplines.  

Statistics is to data what grammar is to words. And like grammar, it is only interesting if used to understand something interesting. In STAT 200, we use statistics to research a topic we are all interested in—ourselves. We collect data on ourselves through anonymous surveys, with a focus on topical social questions. 

Our work is guided by three main goals:

To use a conceptual, intuitive approach to understand a set of complex statistical methods.
To determine whether predictors are also causes.
To learn to use statistical software, both to help us understand how they operate and to employ them in our calculations. 

Statistics is a collection of valuable tools. The key is to understand which ones to use, when, and why. In a landscape where large stores of information have become readily available, you can either choose to ignore the information, or you can choose to make sense of it. In STAT 200 Online, you will collect tools to guide you in the latter. You will find empowerment in statistical analysis, and ultimately, in your field. 

You can explore the course content from last semester here: